Cubicles 101

A Buying Guide and History of An American Workplace Icon

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History of the Cubicle
Shopping for Cubicles
New, Used or Refurbished
Cubicle Anatomy
Cubicle Construction
Cubicle Parts and Components

  • Herman Miller
  • Haworth
  • Steelcase
Cubicles in Pop Culture
Cubicles and Society

Cubicle Anatomy

Not sure what's what when it comes to shopping for used and refurbished cubicles? Well, no worries. We've gone through the trouble to illustrate exactly what we're talking about when start dropping all that crazy cubicle lingo. A few minutes here and you'll be talking like the cool kids.

Herman Miller AO1 Tall Wall Cubicle

This Herman Miller cubicle is a perfect example of one of our basic workstations with great features. Notice the open ends, which means when configured in rows or pods, the internal stations will be enclosed, but the stations on the ends will be open. Also, there is no base on this model, prohibiting the option for electric. All of our Binder Bins feature Task Lights underneath and the End Panel leg provides some nice privacy.

Diagram of Herman Miller AO1 Components

Herman Miller AO2 Short Wall Cubicle

This Herman Miller Short Wall illustrates the difference between having enclosing wing panels and the above open walled design. It features a hanging box/file and a computer corner. Short Walls are great for letting light in and encouraging collaboration, and this one is no exception.

Diagram of Herman Miller AO1 Components

Cubicle Parts and Components

Missing or damaged parts? Or just tired of calling your parts doo-dads and thing-a-majigs? This is the place where you can put a name to the piece.

Steelcase 9000 Components

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Cubicles 101

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