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(20 Min) 48x48 Used Acoustical Cubicle Pods

Pods of 4 or more: $250 ea. (x 20 = $5,000)

Color: Fabric: Pearl Ash. Paint: Medium Tone
Quantity: 1000 + units
Offered With
Options: Electric available Add a 48" (no lock) binder bin with a task light: $75 ea. Add locks & keys: $35 ea. Includes: Raceway covers , wall panels, work surface and all appropriate connectors.
Dimensions: 50 3/4" D x 50 3/4" W x 67" H
Weight: Single unit: 222 lbs.
Item Numbers: U48-Pod - Lot of 20, in pods of 4 or more: $250 ea. Sharing common walls.
Herman Miller, Used, Tall Wall, Office Cubicles

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(20 Min) 48x48 Used Acoustical Cubicle Rows
Used 8x8 Acoustical Cubicle Pods
(20 Min) 48x48 Used Acoustical Cubicle Pods
(20 Min) 48x48 Used Acoustical Cubicle Rows

Used 8x8 Acoustical Cubicle Pods

(20 Min) 48x48 Used Acoustical Cubicle Pods

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Refurbished American made cubicles, used cubicles and custom office furniture for a fraction of the cost.

Don't get ripped off with cheap China clones. We offer heavy-duty American made real Herman Miller cubicles, office panel systems, telemarketing call center support office cubicles, special custom executive cubicles, private offices, open office cubicles, corner office cubicles, double team collaboration cubicles, instant office cubicles, cubicles for small spaces and quieter acoustical quality cubicles. We also make custom work stations, custom desks, custom cubicles, custom conference tables and custom training tables, made to order in your sizes and options and delivered or shipped anywhere in the continental U.S.A. or Canada. Bulk / lot / truck-load cubicles are available at special rates. Call or write for personalized professional help with your used, refurbished and custom office furniture needs. Detroit warehouse hours: M-F / 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM.

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